Recorded Livestreams

I am so happy to announce that I have now started my online live streaming!


Finally I am able to connect with a wider audience audience around the world which gives me the beautiful opportunity of being able to share my own feelings and experiences with others. It truly is my goal to help others to find the same place of freedom as where I am today.

I am a very practical person, so I will also do the live streaming in a practical way. What does this mean for you? I will share in my talks my own personal experiences and want to give you practical tools to help you see things more clearly and to be able to use it directly in your daily life. 

The livestream is in NZ time, the site will automatically correct to your time zone.

The cost for these livestreams are 25 NZ dollars. You can REPLAY the livestream as many times as you want once it has finished. So if you weren’t around for the actual event you can still purchase and view it now! Each livestream provides you with 1.5 hours of content. If you run into any issues please do not hesitate to contact me at