This is the Ebook version of: It's Time To View Life With A New Lens


About the book:

Discover your own inner peace, freedom, wellbeing and a meaningful life in this turbulent world.

This book is a practical manuscript. It follows Dorrie’s journey through her life. She writes about how she immigrated to New Zealand in 2008 and eventually through her life cultivation and development reached enlightenment. Through practical examples she explains how you can take the freeing steps in your everyday life to find a home within yourself. Nothing changes like a person - you are the architect of your mind and ultimately your life.


Ebook pricing: This Ebook is priced at 21 NZ dollars. I am publishing this book independently for its first edition. This book contains 265 Pages. Buyers of the ebook will receive links to download the Ebook in the Confirmation page of the Checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

Ebook: It's Time To View Life With A New Lens