That morning feeling

Are you an early bird or a night owl? This obviously makes a world of difference in ones life. Evening people drag themselves out of their warm beds after hitting snooze ten times and stumbling to find the light switch. Morning people on the other hand, often have a list ready to go with their ambitions for the day the moment their feet hit the ground after hopping out of bed. WHat is your morning routine? And is it even necessary to have a morning ritual?

There was a time in my life where I just wandered through my mornings without thinking. I had no awareness of what I was doing, with my mind I was already focused on what lay ahead at work and how much I still had to do. Or there were those days where I would wake up like a zombie, thinking about nothing and dragging myself into the shower. To follow then to go straight to my car and work after getting dressed.

All roads lead to rome, maybe it's interesting to begin the day with a different perspective. What you do doesn't actually have such a big effect it's how you do it; you need to feel yourself and your body. What do I mean with feel? Instead of turning around in bed and not wanting to do anything when that alarm goes off or that you place all your attention of what lies ahead at work during the day, give this attention to yourself. The whole day your eyes and with that your thoughts are focused on the outside, at other people, at your phone, your laptop etc. With this you lose contact with yourself, your inner state and it is this inside that is just so important for your own mental state for your happiness, for you!. The way that you start your day and thus give attention to yourself sets the tone for your day. With this I mean that if you pick up a new and healthy morning ritual, your entire outlook on the day will most likely change. It can even be that your whole day changes and that you can live in a calm and relaxed way. Don’t think it’s crazy if you suddenly become calmer or even more creative due to the fact that you are now opening up space in your mind for new ideas. In any way it will allow you to be more aware of yourself and gives you a whole new appreciation of your inner state. Back to your morning routine. How do you do this? Tell yourself that you can hit snooze once and only once and make this a guideline for yourself and take the extra time as a gift for yourself. So that when you wake up you already know this time is for you! When you wake up and start your thinking, you begin to scan across your body. Register every piece of your body and how you are feeling there. Feel your head, your neck, your arms, your legs etc.. This helps to gently wake up your brain. If you feel pain somewhere, you can just leave it, just let it sit there and focus on the next part of your body. Next you do the exercise called “count your blessings” All though the name is self explanatory you want to focus on the things you are thankful for in your life. They can be little or small it doesn't matter. Feeling so thankful in your life gives you room and lets you see how happy you are with yourself and other people. Be thankful for your bed, for the clothes you wear, for the health that you have, for the love you get or spread and for the food and water you have to eat and drink. Being thankful looks after your positivity, self confidence, you feel happy and gain extra energie. With this you also strengthen yourself in focussing on what you do have in life instead of the things that are missing. Then stretch and focus on your breathing. If like me you do Yuan Gong now is a good time to do some practise exercises. After the practise I love to drink some lukewarm water with lemon. This is a good way to wake up and kick start your body, and off course it contains vitamins and antioxidants that fuel your body. Stay mindful as you go about this and your breakfast and take in the food and its flavours! Test your new ritual for at least 100 days as this is the time it takes to create a new, positive habit. Mark it in your calendar or download an app such as habit bull ( my favorite) to monitor your progress. Don’t stress if you slip up, just reflect on the day and be present and ready for the next. A new morning routine can change that morning feeling into a productive and lovely one!

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