I have been a rather unhappy, easily irritable and rather grumpy person in my life. For those of you that know me you might be confused, not knowing this about me. These people know the present me. They're right, I am different now. When I was like this I was unaware of the person I was. After this I created more conscious awareness of my patterns in my life and can now truly understand and listen to the voice inside my head that was always there but had just previously been ignored. Luckily I can now write that I was like this. I really believe in change, a person can completely change their life positively, even in the blink of an eye. Sometimes this happens due to a sudden circumstance or event or it may even happen because some insight has suddenly been shared with you. A sort of clearness where you can see yourself in a new light and then you can truly usher in a change. You do this because you want to change the way you live life, to give yourself more freedom and openness; to really live through your heart.

One aspect of this change is something that is actually very simple and yet has a big effect. It's something that everyone can do and the beauty of it is that it is completely free. It seems so simple.. You might already know what it is and be thinking is that really it? But if it is so simple then why are you still so unhappy and or grumpy? Maybe it's time to finally wake up and take action.Maybe you use the excuse that this is in your nature and you were born with it, but then I have to disappoint you. It has been proven that adults and children alike can change their patterns no matter your age, it's called neuroplasticity. If you find this interesting take a look at this link It is a 2 minute youtube video that explains that you really can make the change and can continue to change yourself throughout your life.

In our society there is a pressure to always want more. You should be happy and society shows us that you can reach this through new purchases, to find a good house, make lots of money etc.. When you reach these things there is this supposed happiness. I thought that to until I realised that this doesn't work at all and it only brought me dissatisfaction because I didn't have everything yet.

What could solve this problem? Very simple, be aware of what you already have. So instead of focusing on what you want or don't have, do the opposite and focus on what you do have. You do this by practising thankfulness. If you can be thankful for what you have than you can see the world in a new light. It is almost like the whole world is renewed, you can have joy in the littlest things. You will be more optimistic, content and empathetic.

There are so many ways in which you can exercise thankfulness. I will give you here a couple, look at wich of these speaks to you the most or maybe be creative and come up with your own thankfulness exercises. It doesn't actually matter what you do so long as you do it. That's what matters, doing it. Often people begin with learning a healthy new habit but they give up after a few days. I takes 100 days for something to truly strike as a habit and to make a change in your life permanently. Take this as a challenge and work with it! So now a couple of exercises:

I love to at the end of the day when I am lying in bed to practise my thankfulness. I look back at my day and say what I am thankful for no matter how small the thing I experienced on that day might have been. For example I am thankful because my son was happy and laughing with me today, I’m thankful I have a jacket because it was cold outside, I’m thankful because my car got me to work this morning, I’m thankful because my family shared their love with me today; the list goes on. I also think about what I am thankful for in that present moment. That I can lie in bed with a roof above my head.

When I wake up in the morning I thank my body because it is healthy, even if I am sick I thank my body because it keeps me alive to see this world. And again I think about the present time and what is happening that I can be thankful for. What are you thankful for?

You can also practise thankfulness with your family/partner/friend. Sit opposite each other and ensure you are relaxed, without speaking, in complete silence look at and take in the other person's qualities for 5 minutes, this can be shorter if necessary. Then one after the other, talk about what you are thankful for in life whilst the other person listens, then swap places. After this you can also talk about why you are happy the other person is in your life. This is a very interesting thankfulness exercise.

Of course you can also practise thankfulness throughout the day. Make a habit of it that you consciously focus your thoughts on thankfulness every now and them. Can you hear the birds chirping? Feel the sunshine on your skin? Say in your thoughts how thankful you are to be here. There is endless variation in these thankfulness exercises… Success! And thank you for reading my blog!

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