joy in the everyday

How often do you feel like you rush in your daily life? I think it is important to ask yourself this information. How many times during the day do you actually feel uncomfortable because you think: I need to do this, I need to do that and ohh yes, I must not forget to do that.

Maybe you even are not aware of the fact that you are doing this. Then it is time to stop and to become aware of what you actually are doing in your life and what you really want to do with your life.

I have figured out and believe me it has not been easy to see, that in the past I was fooling myself. I was fooling myself, believing that it was important to live my life like that. But now I know that it isn’t the movie I watch anymore. I have chosen to watch a different movie. One that is much more pleasant and harmonious. How did I do this? Of course it takes time, there are more aspects to work on but the most important thing for me was to shift my focus. To have awareness of what I was doing and making new choices towards this responsibility. Yes, because I see it as my own responsibility to change my life for the better. So instead of getting busier I made the choices to slow down. I stopped making so many appointments and going too many activities and even in our family we discussed this and made new healthy choices. To give you an example, is it really so necessary to let our children outside of school do several sport activities, music lessons etc. etc.? As a mom you need to bring your children to all these places, be there in time which most of the time is not relaxing at all! They are often quite content with one maybe even two activities. The next question you also can ask yourself if this is necessary for our children? Maybe being at home, spending time as a family can be very liberating and bonding. Maybe you can find different things in your daily life where you could make changes?

By changing and making new healthy choices more and more I found the stability in my life. A lot of the things we think we need to do are things we created in our own thoughts. Maybe you can become creative and make a change in your daily habits? Let me end by giving you one more practical creative solution for having the idea that you need to rush after a full day working to be able to cook a dinner for you or your family: At that moment, just sit down a few minutes on a chair. Take a few breaths and connect with yourself. Then think about all the food that you want to use to cook your dinner. Feel the nature in all your products. for example: Feel how amazing it is that this capsicum once was a seed and now a fully grown vegetable ready to be eaten and help us to live in this life. Go in your mind to all your products and connect with it. You have the opportunity to create something beautiful from these products. Take your time to enjoy your cooking, focus on your task in the moment, I bet you will feel very different as you do the cooking, that you will have a very delicious meal and will feel inner joy. It is so worth it to look at all your activities during the day to be able to truly feel yourself in every moment.

Which movie are you looking at?

Sending you all love all over the world,


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