Distraction.. Letting yourself get distracted...Any idea what this will be about?

I’m writing this blog because distractions sure have had an impact in my life. How often do we let ourselves get distracted by others or unforeseen circumstances during the day? You might be asking why is it important that we are aware of these distractions? Well, it opens your eyes to an important message; without realising, our distractions cost us much energy, takes away your concentration and focus and thus removes your internal balance. If you then don’t let yourself get distracted you will be able to truly feel yourself and save your energy. You will notice that you will not become tired as quickly as you normally do, the afternoon slump is so common for many people but by removing these distractions will allow you to continue and work through the day in a energised and calm way.

How should you go about removing these distractions? What is it really all about? Well firstly it revolves around the thought that you need to be aware of the fact that you are letting yourself get distracted. Let me give you some examples; You are on your break eating your lunch in the sunshine, truly enjoying your day, at that moment a group of boys rush past on their skateboards due to the loud noise you find yourself focusing on the skateboarders and what happened. Or you and your colleagues are in a meeting and a presentation is being given, one colleague is late and comes in the door during the presentation, the whole boardroom looks up and focuses their attention on the colleague that just came in. Or you are doing some work at home and suddenly your kids get into an argument next door, that you know will resolve itself, yet you still manage to center your attention on the other room. Finally we all know that feeling when your hard at work or just drinking your morning coffee and the person next to you is tapping their pen or banging on the stool their sitting on, so often we can’t help but become fixated and annoyed with this person that has nothing to do with us in the first place. The list just keeps going on. How many of these situations arise in your day? Why would you let yourself get distracted when this actually gets you nowhere, if it actually only costs you your precious energy. So at first you need to be aware of your distractions, as they are not necessary but they simply act as a reflex because you aren’t consciously aware, but now you can flip the switch. When you catch yourself being distracted, consciously remind yourself that this is not necessary and return your focus to your previous task or situation. It is just like you place a distance between yourself and the distraction, you don’t interact with it as it doesn’t bring you anything. What could help is to visualise yourself as a rock, a little abstract I know but stick with me here. A rock is solid and everything bounces of it, the distractions won’t hit you if you visualise yourself as a rock. You choose to allow yourself to be distracted … even if you didn't even realise it. Now you do! I myself practise REN XUE where I learnt the standing form. This is a standing meditation where for a period of time, without movement you take a position and stay standing. This teaches you and increases your aptitude for focus immensely, so that you don’t react to these sometimes unforeseen distractions in your daily life. With these two; teachings and practising less distractions in your life you will find that your overall balance is restored and oftentimes creates more energy for you to live your life!

Much love, Dorrie

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