The new year is fast approaching and as always people are making new resolutions for the brand new year what is laying ahead. And although we know that most of these resolutions won’t really last we all still like to set them. It is in our nature that we naturally want to improve ourselves and this is great.

Why shouldn’t we make it a bit easier for ourselves by doing it in a way that it is atainable and that you can be proud of at the end of 2019. How you may ask? Well, by setting a theme for the upcoming year. This makes it so much more easier and lighter to do. Let’s for example say that you have thought about your last year and you know what you would like to improve for yourself. You could make that your theme for the upcoming year. Maybe your theme would be: I want to open my heart in 2019. What a beautiful theme isn’t it? Write at the beginning of every month your theme in your diary ( you could also make it more intense and also write it down half way every month), so that you remember your theme every month of the year and you get so much more motivated to work on yourself and to achieve your theme of the year. Every step forward towards your theme of the year will give you such a good feeling because you pay attention to yourself and this is beautiful for your self love.

Going back to the theme written above; Open your heart in 2019. So many people already have been asking me if I can help them to open their heart. Off course I would love to help every single person with this ( have a look at my new website, and you also can have a look at the world wide website of the Ren Xue There is a speial method available for everyone to learn about the 5 essential heart qualities. These qualities are Trust, Openess, Love, Gratitude and Gongjijng (utmost respect). You can learn how to let these qualities shine into your heart. But for now I would like to tell you a bit about how you can practise this opening of your heart in your daily life. It actually is very simple to do but what is important is to really do it; to have the conciousness and actively day by day activate yourself to let this work.

What is the secret? To do everything with love. To feel your heart with every activity and to do it with love. It is about opening your heart towards yourself but equal important to open your heart towards others and to all the activities you do.

Many many examples can be given, let me show you a few practical examples.

The whole day you are aware of your heart. When you would hear a ambulance coming down the street; feel your heart and send your heart felt thoughts to the person in the ambulance; wish them well, abundance health. When you walk to the bus stop and you see trees, flowers, any nature; open your heart and send your love to the nature from your heart. Look around, see the sky and send from your heart love to the sky, being grateful for the fresh air.

When you see another person then start practising to open your heart, feel your heart and send good vibes to the other person. Even when it is difficult to communicate with this other person you still can open your heart and send good vibes to this other person. You don’t have to agree with another that is ok, you still can have a open heart and send Love to one another. When you start doing this will find more and more things where you can send your love to, to open your heart. The outcome of this all is that although you are sending love and you open your heart towards other things and people you actually work on yourself. Huge changes can take place when you use your consciousness to pay attention to it and to really do it this way. You can increase it by challeging yourself and to do all your tasks you have to do with love. Doing your laundry, cleaning your toilet, doing the dishes, cooking etc. etc. Actually this working on your heart works like a meditation. What would happen if you would have the consciousness and to it with love, with an open heart? Your world would change because often it is our mind that is continuesly blocking ourselves from not feeling love. It is good to notice how often you do things without your heart or that you actually are not aware of all from your heart. Don’t make the excuse that you can’t make a beginning because your life situation is not ready for it, that you are in such a bad situation and you only will begin when your situation is improved. Now is really the good time; the best time is when you are in a difficult situation because your heart needs this love!

It can be challeging in the beginning but when you keep doing it it really is so rewarding. You are going to find out so much about yourself. Respect and self love are growing when you pay attention to this feeling and the people, animals, plants and yes the universe will be very grateful when you start working with this theme.

Whatever you decide to do for 2019, I wish you all abundance health and much love and I hope to connect with you in this new year.

With Love,


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