Finding the stillness within to connect with your true self:
Livestream event with Dorrie

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Livestream overview

I have felt this information about finding the stillness within yourself for quite some time and now the time has come to do a live streaming about this subject. It really is my first live streaming of this year. I have been creating lots of content for the foundational course from She Is Now, which will start in 2022. I truly feel the deep stillness in the Qi field and really want to connect with you and talk about this subject.  This will help us deepen our understanding of ourselves and to find deeper balance within.


We will have a deeper look at why it is not easy to find this state of peace within ourselves, how we may see and certainly feel it differently, and that we are able to live our lives in a different way. To find the stillness within every day so that we can enter the world which connects us with our true nature. Can we go inside and discover who we really are? In this session, we will practice the state of stillness together. 


More and more we understand how information can be shared by the heart and so we also will do a heart to heart transmission during the session which can be very beneficial for bringing you back into balance on the heart level; this can include positive benefits on the physical, emotional or mental health.


Access Of Sessions

I am incredibly grateful to have many of you situated all around the world and so we will be holding the livestream through a live video platform. The platform is: Youtube. 

Video sessions will be available for replay for anyone who cannot join the session live.  

The duration of this live stream is 2 hours long. 

After registration you will receive a login link that you can head to, the live stream will be accessible through there. 


This live stream was held on the 4th of July. You can still watch and purchase the course via the "view details" button below.


The cost for this live stream event is 45 NZ dollars. If you require financial assistance please contact us by email

I am so excited to take this journey with you!

Sending you radiant Qi and love,



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