A journey of the heart

Meet Dorrie


I have a deep passion inside me to help others find and feel peace, complete as a whole and safe within. From a young age I knew that I wanted to help others.  Knowing that no single approach is right for one individual I have been trained in many areas such as Sport, self-defence, family constellation, NLP, EFT, reconnective healing, Zen, Tai Chi, and learned for over more then a decade directly from Qigong Master Yuan Tze and am a fully Qualified Master Zhineng Qi gong and Yuan Gong Master and Yuan Ming medicine therapist. 


Originally I am from the Netherlands and I am living with my family for more then 10 years in New Zealand.

 I have my own practice and work one on one as a holistic lifestyle coach as well as running Yuan Gong classes and love to do lectures to inspire other people. 

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Frequently asked questions

What is Ren Xue?

The tools Ren Xue uses to effect change are Yuan Gong, a practice of movements, postures and breathing performed individually or with the help of a teacher, and Yuan Ming Medicine, techniques for helping others. Both share a fundamental goal of uplifting life and enhancing its basic energy, Qi. Ren Xue effects deep, long lasting transformation by also addressing the mental patterns and habits that often govern, and sometimes block, our ability to change.Maintaining a calm, relaxed and natural state is a goal of Ren Xue practice. Ren Xue teaches us how to look inward to discover why it’s sometimes difficult to remain calm. We typically blame our agitation on external events, but with practice and understanding, we can identify and change the thought patterns we harbor that keep us from experiencing a more peaceful existence.An effective Ren Xue practice is one conducted with trust, openness, love, gratitude and respect. Qi encompasses and embraces all manifestations of energy and is universal. So working with Qi in your body, mind and heart has effects that ripple out. Ren Xue’s mission, “Zi Du, Du Ren”, reflects that. It means “uplifting our own life and helping others to uplift theirs”. As a Ren Xue practice deepens, so does its impact on you, your family, your world.

What is Yuan Gong?

Yuan Gong is an innovative Qigong practice. Its foundation rests in Chinese tradition, but Yuan Gong acknowledges and incorporates recent scientific and psychological findings. It has been designed to be effective even when the practice is brief. It is a flexible and enjoyable way to positively influence wellbeing. Practicing Yuan Gong helps to increase mental clarity, improves internal strength and stability, and helps us understand the patterns of thought that inadvertently support illness and negative emotions. Peer-reviewed research on Qigong reports benefits to very specific aspects of health as well, including anxiety, blood pressure, immune function and even bone density. MD Anderson Cancer Center and Sloan Kettering have on-going Qigong programs to improve “quality of life” in cancer patients. Rapid and impressive changes in health can occur with a Yuan Gong practice, but the more common healing scenario is a very noticeable increase in wellbeing and a gradual alleviation of symptoms. After a recent two-week Yuan Gong retreat, 82% of 65 participants reported experiencing “obvious positive changes in symptoms of health issues”.

Where can I learn more?

You can learn more by heading to: https://www.renxueinternational.org/

Image by Han Lahandoe